NutriMunchy TM HQ is located at B-605, Logix Technova, Sec-132, Noida.

NutriMunchy TM brand purchases ingredients based on requirements designed to meet rigid specifications,
food safety, and compliance with applicable regulations and certifications. We work with known suppliers
who assure the quality and safety of their ingredients. Additionally, All our procurement, manufacture, storage and trading are FSSAI licenced.

No. NutriMunchy TM products do not use artificial flavours or preservatives.

No. All of NutriMunchy TM products are free of Trans fats.

Yes all of our products are gluten-free.

NutriMunchy TM products that make a gluten-free claim on packaging will carry a red triangular Gluten-Free
symbol, be labelled gluten-free.

No, none of our products contain MSG.

Yes all our products are baked to cook them, and never fried. So our ingredients don’t have as much oil as
potato chips, which is why they are lower in fat and healthier choice for our customers

Some of our products are organic. Our organic products will be labelled as such on the packaging.

We employ strict manufacturing processes and procedures, and all of our manufacturing facilities follow
rigid allergen control programs that include staff training, segregation of allergen ingredients, production
scheduling, and thorough cleaning and sanitation.

Beside we have all necessary licences

Our NutriMunchy TM products provide a “Best by” date code on the product packages. This is the date by which the product should be consumed.

We grind raw quinoa into quinoa flour and then form it into the desired shape you can see in every one of
our Quinoa products. We then bake chip, season it with natural spices and package is for everyone to relish.

We take your favourite veggies – Carrot, Beetroot, Spinach and tomatoes – and turn them into flour and
then form those flours into a rigged, crunchy snack. We then bake chips and season it with all-natural
organic spices and package it hedonically bake.

We are involved in every aspect of the process from farm to shelf. We work closely with our suppliers to
get all-natural ingredients that are pure and live up to our standards of quality and taste. We spent months
developing each unique flavour, tasting different versions and making adjustments. And the bag design was
very much a long hard work bringing the story of NutriMunchy TM to the shelf.

You can find NutriMunchy TM in various stores at retailers nationwide/ online/ platform

All of our products are packaged in airtight, 4 layer laminated pouches as per the latest industry standards.
The material adds an extra strength and durability to lock in that satisfying taste and crunch for the long

It is oil free, gluten free and any artifices addles free
Our guiding principle is simple healthy ingredients.
Each of the ingredients that we choose has definite nutritive value. We stay away from ingredients that
contribute to empty calories. Our use of honey/ sugar is zero. We don’t use any artificial preservatives or
colouring agents. The bulk of any of our products by calories is one of the following ingredients.
1) Quinoa, chickpea, corn grits, seasoning.
2) Dehydrated vegetable powder corn flour, seasoning.
Healthy snack

NutriMunchy is different from other snacks as it is protein packed, baked and healthy in nature.

Yes, they can savour them at any point of time.